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COMPANY NAME: Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd

ADD: No. 3157, Yushan Avenue, Licheng District, Jinan city

EMAIL: alice@qhbeerequipment.com

WHATSAPP/PHONE: 0086 15505412086

TEL: 0086 531 88767927

WEBSITE: www.maogg38.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/brewingequipment0328/

INATAGRAM: www.maogg38.com

For professional brewery solution and free exactly quotation, please do not hesitate send inquiry below.

COPYRIGHT ? Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd:魯ICP備18020678號 Powered by www.300.cn

COPYRIGHT ? Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd:魯ICP備XXXXXXXXX號 Powered by www.300.cn



0086 15505412086

Qihui Introduction

About us

Qihui Introduction

Qihui Introduction

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Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, the location have strong industrial base and convenient transportation. Modern production workshop and first-class manufacturing equipment, such as laser cutting machine, coiling machine, rolling taper machine, head polishing machine, stainless steel welding machine, e.t.c...

The factory production plant 5000m2, clear division between product area and production area, very clean and tidy.


The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. Our major product is Home Brewery System, Pilot Brewery System, Hotel Brewery system, Factory Craft Brewery System, Industrial Brewery System, Brewhouse,

Fermenter, Brite Tank, Control System, Beer Filling Line.

The company's founding team has 20 years of brewery equipment design technology and production experience, laying a solid foundation for the development of the company.


High-tech company that has passed ISO, CE and other quality management system certifications, are positioned as high level brewery equipment manufacturing companies.

To ensure top quality and meet customers' needs, we highly value quality customer experience and customer satisfaction. Integrity, professionalism and efficiency, always provide high quality after-sales service.


We uphold the principle of sincerity and integrity, mutual trust, customer first, mutual benefit for common prosperity.

Dedicated to gaining customer satisfaction and convincing with excellent strength, demonstrating quality with character, creating the most competitive product system.


The company has independent import and export rights,  already exported to United States, Canada, Germany, Poland, Russia, Australia, Greece, Mexico, South Korea, France, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, India, Thailand and other 50 countries and regions.


Choose Qihui, build your own brewery equipment


0086 531 88767927

0086 15505412086



No. 3157, Yushan Avenue, Licheng

District, Jinan city