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COMPANY NAME: Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd

ADD: No. 3157, Yushan Avenue, Licheng District, Jinan city

EMAIL: alice@qhbeerequipment.com

WHATSAPP/PHONE: 0086 15505412086

TEL: 0086 531 88767927

WEBSITE: www.maogg38.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/brewingequipment0328/

INATAGRAM: www.maogg38.com

For professional brewery solution and free exactly quotation, please do not hesitate send inquiry below.

COPYRIGHT ? Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd:魯ICP備18020678號 Powered by www.300.cn

COPYRIGHT ? Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd:魯ICP備XXXXXXXXX號 Powered by www.300.cn



0086 15505412086

Qihui Certification

About us

Qihui Certification

Qihui Certification

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Quality Certificate: SO9001, CE, TUV, BV

Production capacity and quality control:

Our company have nearly 10,000 square meters of modern production workshop,  with a number of production lines, human management, assembly line operations. Each process is equipped with quality control personnel to ensure that each order can be delivered on time by quality.

We focus on to strengthen the core technology research and development and innovation, the introduction of advanced processing equipment, closely follow the market and customer needs, to achieve high-end personalized custom services.

All our products to achieve CAD computer-aided design, professional, meticulous, rigorous production process to ensure product quality; all equipment factory, have to undergo a rigorous testing machine, test pressure and other testing, all indicators have reached the company's production standards and industry-related Standard, and higher than the market requirements before the factory to ensure that the factory product pass rate of 100%; spare parts, auxiliary accessories are used international brands to ensure the overall performance and service life.



0086 531 88767927

0086 15505412086



No. 3157, Yushan Avenue, Licheng

District, Jinan city